Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Seamless Integration: Testing 2.0!!

End-to-end seamless integration of tools is important in every domain, especially ALM. iTKO seem to have understood the concept and is delivering a Test Automation Platform (LISA) which not only allows automation of customer scenarios (spanning across various technologies), but also provides integration APIs to integrate with rest of the ALM tools.

For example:

A test can register a user on a web-portal, download a software, installs the bits on a local or remote system, runs commands to finish & verify installation, calls a web-service to confirm product registration and in the end queries the database to make sure all tables are correctly populated - all from within the context of the same test case!

There are even APIs available to expand the core functionality of LISA - like filters, assertions, companions, etc.

There is more... Once the test is automated, it can be automatically kicked off as part of cruise control, or other Ant integration, post result into a central database or TestDirector or homegrown test management system, automatically file a bug or integrate with requirement management system. Use of pure java, xml, open architecture and public APIs makes the seamless integration possible across the entire ALM domian.
The tool allows all data strategies I discussed in my August blog. The data driven testing is the key to leverage test scripts, lower maintenance and improve ROI.

Checkout Test Automation Tools blog. It nicely captures the automation framework requirements and the battle of build vs. buy. Remember, understanding the requirements and ability to clearly articulate the question is the first step in finding the answer!

Like Paris Hilton is Marketing 2.0, LISA seems to be Testing 2.0 for Web 2.0 :-)

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